Low-carbon Sustainable Information System of Kaohsiung City

GHG Reduction Strategy

Climate change has greatly affected our living environment and economy. For the domestic suppliers, if they cannot meet the international GHG reduction target, they might be requested to improve, otherwise the order would be cancelled. Therefore, Kaohsiung City Government takes “sustainable green ecological city” as its goal and sets up “low carbon” as the vision of the city development.

The emission reduction target is (baseline: 2005):

  1. Short-term: reduce 30% by 2020
  2. Mid-term: reduce 50% by 2030
  3. Long-term: reduce 80% by 2050

To build and enhance the capacity to climate change, Kaohsiung City Government has planned six themes to implement reduction: green economy, business GHG reduction, conservation buildings, green ecology, low-carbon education. Relevant authorities have been designated to responsibilities under each theme. Action plans and timelines are enlisted to control the emission and achieve the goal of low-carbon and sustainable city.